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     Welcome to the 2022 Cascade Girl Oregon Honey and Mead Festival benefitting our Bee Heroes America Veteran program, school program and, of course the BEES!

     Thank you for considering sponsorship of the Oregon Honey ( Mead!) Festival 2022.  We have been on hold for a few years after losing an apiary to wildfire and due to public health mandates.


     The Oregon Honey Festival began in 2014 as an effort to support backyard and small scale beekeeping.  Over the years we featured internationally known speakers, Amina Harris, the Director of the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center and Dr. Dewey Caron, Professor Emeritus at OSU and educators from Glory Bee.  We have been honored to host cultural presentations by Marla Bullbear, director of the Lakota Youth program and the youth themselves who represented their culture and approach to beekeeping.  We have also featured artists such as Meesha Goldberg whose artwork illustrates the intersection between bees, beekeepers, the feminine, Korean culture and magic.

     This year, we have engaged with the city of Medford to produce the festival at the beautiful Vogel plaza and the lobby and classroom at the Craterian Theater.  

     We are seeking sponsors at various levels and would like to raise the funds that will make this a delightful experience for attendees.  We have included sponsorship amounts that will allow all businesses to participate if they choose. We would like to have a few major major sponsors to help underwrite the cost of musicians and speakers.

     Typically, the tickets sold for this production have been at very low cost (5 to 10 dollars)so as to allow the public to participate with their families. 

     Also, if you are interested in being an exhibitor, we would certainly welcome that level of participation.  For the safety of yourself and others, we will ask everyone to comply with public health mandates that may exist at the time of the event.

     Cascade Girl is a 501(c)3 under the IRS guidelines.  We offer sponsorship at the following levels for sponsors whose missions and ethics dovetail with ours.

Click on the level appropriate for you and be sure to leave a note on the donation site with your organizational name if you would like to be listed!

Worker Bee (worker bees are responsible for most of what goes on in a hive!): 50 to 150: Mention in Program

Drone Bee (drone bees carry exact replicas of the Queen's genetics!): 150 to 250: Mention in Program plus your organizational name on the 2022 T-Shirt

Nurse Bee (nurse bees take care of the babies and are responsible for the next generation!): 250 to 350: Mention in Program plus name on our 2022 T Shirt plus 1 T shirt.  

Guard Bee (guard bees are FIERCE and protect the hive from intruders): 350 to 500: Mention in Program plus name on out 2022 T Shirt plus 1 shirt plus 2 tickets for a tasting

Queen Bee (she lays ALL the eggs and her pheromones reassure the hive that "mom is in the house"!): 500 to 700: Mention in Program plus name on our 2022 T shirt plus 1 shirt, plus 2 tickets for tasting, plus a jar of honey.

Hive Sponsor: 700 and up (the HIVE is a SUPERORGANISM composed of all those bees doing their collective jobs!:  Mention in Program plus name on 2022 T Shirt plus 2 shirts plus 2 tickets for tasting plus a jar of honey and small bottle of mead!


We look forward to welcoming you to our HIVE!


We reserve the right to determine sponsorship based upon fit with our organizational missions

Become a Sponsor for
Oregon Honey (& Mead!) Festival,
Saturday, June 4, 2022

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