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The mission of Lead for Pollinators is to provide leadership, education, action, and development to support the health and sustainability of honey bees, native pollinators, and the keepers of the ecosystem.


KBBA promotes beekeeping in the Klamath Basin and beyond, on both sides of the Oregon - California border.  They offer programs and assistance for those who already keep bees, encourage and mentor those who want to learn how to keep bees and provide information to the public on the importance of honey bees to agriculture and food production.

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The Valkyrie hive made by The Beekeepers Carpenter at the Right Hand LLP means no heavy lifting and it helps to maintain temperature and humidity within the hive.  It holds 24 standard deep frames, which is recommended.  Until the colony builds-out all 24 frames, use the extra room to the right for storing tools, supplies, or installing a feeder on the INSIDE of the hive body, safely away from robbers, skunks or rodents.  Each Valkyrie lid has an installed bracket for holding frames, bee brushes, hive tools, etc. The Valkyrie is made in Central Oregon by Bruce and Vivien Hight.

The Right Hand, LLP

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Located at 4495 South Pacific Hwy, Phoenix, Oregon, Phoenix Industrial Studios offer affordable modular spaces for innovation and production, are 1,200 to 4,800 square feet with energy efficient top-quality construction and advanced infrastructure.  They are also home to Clyde's Corner Restaurant and Organico's Bakery.
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