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Cascade Girl Bee Weekends-A Look Back
Oregon Honey & Mead Festival


Cascade Girl
Bee Weekend
Oregon Honey & Mead Festival

Beekeeping Conference Speakers 
Details for 2023 Coming Soon

Cascade Girl Bee Weekend 2019

Honey Mead Marketplace Education Celebration Family

Two Days Two Events Twice the Fun

Taste Honey and Mead from Oregon and Honeys from all over the world at the

Sixth Annual Oregon Honey Festival!

Watch how Honey bees work together to raise their families.

Attendees learn the meaning of their sounds and dances and meet diverse Beekeepers

including youth and elders from the Lakota Youth Beekeepers who will share their

unique understanding of Bees and present their Honey for purchase. 

Understand how to source, order and keep your Bees with info from Beekeeper, Noah Clipp 

Learn how to catch a Swarm in Style from Portland Urban Beekeeper’s Association President, Mandy Shaw and watch the National Geographic short film that made her famous!

Adults will learn about how Mead is made, about various kinds of Hives (they aren't all alike!), 

Therapies and Remedies derived from Hive Products and the Best Therapeutic Plants to keep Bees Healthy.

Kids can make seed Bombs, Roll-Your-Own candles, see types of Bees in the Hive and

get hands-on experience with putting together hive components.

Live Music, Honey Mead, Organic, Tasty Treats and a Silent Auction featuring everything from Pollinator Art to a Balloon ride, Pollinator jewelry and Show Tickets round out this day of

Cascade Girl Bee Weekend at the Sixth Annual Oregon Honey Festival!

Buzz on in!

Stay for The Feminine Legacy Beekeeping Conference that follows on May 19 

Eight women, 8 Careers, 8 Stories in Beekeeping.

This event combines the wisdom, authenticity and humor of women involved in various aspects of

Beekeeping and Beekeeping Education and explores values we want to propagate.

Welcome and Networking  from 7- 9PM on Saturday, May 18.

Full Conference on Sunday, May 19,  9- 5PM.

Attendees meet and learn from innovative

Beekeepers, Beekeeping Scientists, Authors, Educators, Philosophers and Media Personalities.

Conference attendees will get time with speakers during our no-host luncheon May 19 where

everyone can share valuable Beekeeping info and tips!

Bee there! Women and men are welcome!

Our profits go to education, support of our Applied Environmental Sciences programs as well as conservation of Bees and other Pollinators. Kids eight and under can attend free with a parent.

Cascade Girl Organization is a nonprofit dedicated to providing education about pollinators, soil, flowers and sustainable, best practices in caring for them. We support small scale beekeeping, are Research Informed and Passion Driven. Produced in partnership with Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association and the Cascade Girl Organization.

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