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Become a Sponsor for
Oregon Honey (& Mead!) Festival,
Saturday, September 21, 2024

     Welcome to the 2024 Cascade Girl Oregon Honey and Mead Festival benefitting our Bee Heroes America Veteran program, guide to mindful beekeeping, our school program and, of course the BEES who provide us so much joy!


The Oregon Honey Festival began in 2014 as an effort to support backyard and small scale beekeeping.  Over the years we featured local beekeepers, mead makers and artisan crafters as well as internationally known speakers such as Amina Harris, Director of the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center and Dr. Dewey Caron, Professor Emeritus at OSU and educators from Glory Bee.  We have been honored to host cultural presentations by Marla Bullbear, director of the Lakota Youth program and the youth themselves who represented their culture and approach to beekeeping.  We have also featured artists such as Meesha Goldberg whose artwork illustrates the intersection between bees, beekeepers, Korean culture and magic.

     This year, we have engaged with Edenvale Winery in Medford, Oregon to produce the Festival.  

     We are seeking sponsors at various levels to make this a delightful experience for attendees.  The Festival features several bands, pollinator art, activities for kids and adults, mead and honey tasting and a scientific presentation especially for those interested in bees, hosted in the beautiful atmosphere of Edenvale Winery located in the rolling hills of Medford just outside of Phoenix, Oregon.  The site is only minutes from the Medford Airport and only a few miles away from Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

     Cascade Girl is a 501(c)3 under the IRS guidelines.  We offer sponsorship at the following levels for sponsors whose missions and ethics dovetail with ours.

Click on the level appropriate for you and be sure to leave a note on the donation site with your organizational name if you would like to be listed!

 Pollinator Lover: 0 - 250

Pollinator lovers do things like planting flowers, establishing bee pasture and leaving the leaves.  We can't do without these folks!

1. Mention in Program and website

Worker Bee: 250-500

Worker Bees are responsible for most of what goes on in a hive!: 

1. Mention in Program

2. Company Logo on the 2024 Staff T Shirt

Drone Bee: 500 - 1000

Drone bees carry exact replicas of the Queen's genetics!:

1. Mention in Program

2. Company Name on the 2024 Staff T Shirt

3. A Honey tasting provided to your Company

Nurse Bee: 1000 - 2000 

Nurse bees take care of the babies and are responsible for the next generation!:

1. Mention in Program

2. Name on our 2024 Staff T Shirt

3. Your Company Designee hosts and announces Mead Crowd Favorites.

4. A Honey Tasting provided to your Company 

Guard Bee: 2000-3000.

guard bees are FIERCE and protect the hive from intruders: 

1.Mention in Program

2. Name on our 2024 Staff T Shirt

3. Your Company Designee Hosts the Honey Tasting Panel and awards Prizes!

4. Honey Tasting or Hive Tour provided to your Company

Queen Bee: 3000-4000.

The QUEEN lays ALL the eggs and her pheromones reassure the hive that "mom is in the house"!:

1. Mention in Radio Ad and Program

2. Company Logo on our 2024 Staff T Shirt

3. A jar of Oregon Honey.

4. Bottle of Mead

5. Your Company Logo is printed on a kids' game handed out to all children

Hive Sponsor: 4000 - 5000.  

The HIVE is a SUPERORGANISM composed of all those bees doing their collective jobs!:  

1. Mention in Radio Ad and in Program

2. Company Logo on 2024 StaffT Shirt 

3. Front and Center Placement at the Pollination Station

4. Your logo on a kids' game handed out to all children

5. Your Company becomes the Host of the Scientific Lecture with one of our special speakers (TBA)

The Whole Darn Apiary: 5000 and up

The Apiary is composed of Thousands of Hives and these Bees may be responsible for pollinating a whole crop.

1. Mention in Program and on Radio Ads

2. Company Logo on tasting glasses

3. Mead and Cheese with one of our Special Speakers


We look forward to welcoming you to our HIVE! 


Some former OHF educators:

Dr. Andony Melathopoulos
Oregon Bee Project

Marla Bullbear,
Lakota YouthDevelopment

Lakota Youth Development.jpg

Marie Simmons
James Beard Award winning author

Dewey Caron,
Author and Scientist.  Professor 
Emeritus, Cornell University

Lilly Weichberger 
Oran Mōr Artisan Mead

Bonnie Morse
Founder of Bee Audacious

We reserve the right to determine sponsorship based upon fit with our organizational missions

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