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Honey: My Gateway Drug to a Gateway Bug!

I think honey was my way into entomology - plus a few steps. Sounds weird, right? But it's true! Honey has the potential to get people thinking about how it's made. Then, you want to SEE how its made and WATCH the bees make it. This leads to all kinds of other side benefits, like looking a flowers in a different way; thinking about how much nectar and pollen they produce and whether it really is nutritious. You wonder if the Bees will have enough to eat and if it is "clean" or contaminated with pesticides. You start thinking about gardening in a different way, which leads to thinking about farming and how clean and nutritious those blooms are. Thinking about that means that you start learning about how farms work and who works there and whether the workers are exposed to pesticides and are paid and treated fairly. All because of a teaspoonful of honey.

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General UserTrevor
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