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Last Day of the Year to Support our Work with Veterans!

Hellooooo, 2023! Farewell, 2022 It was a heck of a year! We started the year with a bang by winning the Good Food Foundation award for honey! Our bees worked hard and so did we.

We had a wonderful time precepting for the Oregon State Beekeepers Association and keeping bees at Shooting Star Nursery, Rusted Gate Farm, Grizzly Peak Winery and hosted the Oregon Honey Festival with the help of City of Medford, and Downtown Medford Association (what a great group!).

We participated with Bee City USA in replanting a biodynamic garden in Phoenix, Oregon which had burned to the ground at the end of 2020 and were delighted to be featured in a couple of articles in the Medford Mail-Tribune (thank you, @Buffy Pollock for your wonderful photo and reporting skills)! The biggest deal was our Veteran education program Bee Heroes America which will continue at White City VA SORCC this Spring! Hey, everyone, As it turns out, veterans and bees have a lot in common!

Please consider joining us for a hive tour this year or donating at and definitely visit us at the Oregon Honey (& Mead!) Festival 2023!

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